Blue Diamond Vanilla Almond Milk Breeze 32 fl oz

Blue Diamond Vanilla Almond Milk Breeze 32 fl oz

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We blended natural vanilla and real California almonds into a deliciously creamy dairy and soymilk milk alternative. Lactose-free Almond Breeze® Vanilla contains just 80 calories per cup and no saturated fat.

Our Shelf-Stable Almond Breeze® offers the convenience of Almond Breeze any time you want it and doesn't need to be refrigerated until you open it.

  • Lactose and Casein free.
  • Cholesterol and Gluten free.
  • Only 1% fat per serving.
  • An excellent source of Calcium, Vitamins D and E.
  • Good source of Vitamin A

Blue Diamond Growers' Co-op is 100% committed to your good health. Our over 3,000 grower members have been producing the finest quality almonds from the rich, fertile valleys of California since 1910. We continue to make nutritious and wholesome products for you and your family to enjoy.